We are a property investment and development company with a difference.

What We Do

The Wilbridge Group is a privately owned group of companies specialising in land acquisition, sustainable real estate development and commercial property in the UK.

We focus on identifying and unlocking potential in commercial and residential property for both short-term sale and long term hold strategies.

Our pro-active approach to the ever changing real estate market means we continually review our processes and existing portfolio to unlock and deliver value through planning gain, development and asset repositioning.


Land Aquisitions


Sustainable Development


Property Management




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Who We Are

Founded in 2015 to acquire and manage investments in residential and commercial property, Wilbridge started identifying and acquiring land in 2018 to deliver high quality homes to the UK whilst extracting maximum value.

Using bespoke design and sustainable build methods where possible, every project we undertake or partner on is uniquely crafted to the surrounding environment with the end user in mind.

Our in-house asset management is as intuitively designed and executed as our developments, maximising returns without sacrificing value or quality. This approach enables us to maintain income resilience and growth for each asset under management.



Our investment mandates seek value-adding and opportunity-driven commercial and residential property acquisitions for long-term returns through a variety of different strategies.

  • Home Buying service
  • Distressed sales
  • Large dwellings
  • Flat developments
  • Warehousing
  • Garaging
  • Retail Units
  • Offices
Mixed Use
  • Freehold high street blocks (retail with residential uppers)


We are always looking to identify sites in London and the South East offering the potential for 5 to 50 homes