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Find information on your 10 year new-build warranty, compliance information and useful guides on making the most of your new home’s energy efficient features such as Air Source Heat Pump and Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery

Your New Build

Your new home is more than just the structure, but is subject to the rigorous code of conduct we are required to follow in order to guarantee our new homes for 10 years with warranty provider BuildZone. This includes the living space, quality of living, transaction and after-sales care provided to our home buyers.

Use the resource links on the right to find out essential information about how to make the most of your new home and reach out to us if you need help with anything.

Please contact us if you have misplaced your New Home Guide that came with your home.

Using your Heatpump and MVHR


EV Chargers and Energy Suggestions


Build Fabric Hints and Tips


10 Year Warranty information


Using your HeatPump and Mechanical Ventilation & Heat Recovery (MVHR)

Download our hand-over guides that were provided to you in your new home’s welcome pack below. These are important resources showing how to program, clean and service your Air Source Heat Pump (ASHP), Mechanical Ventilation & Heat Recovery (MVHR) and Underfloor Heating Manifold where appropriate (UFH).

Good practice is important with heatpumps and mechanical ventilation just as it is with any gas boiler. We recommend taking the time to fully understand the system in order to best optimise it to your personal usage, including annual services to keep things running at maximum efficiency.

Midea Heat Pump & UFHclick here to download pdf

Vent Axia MVHRclick here to download pdf

EV Chargers and Energy Suggestions

For all our properties that come fitted with EV chargers, please see the below downloadable resources on operation and maintenance:

External Mounted EV Charger :  click here to download pdf

To make the most of your EV Charger, we recommend comparing 100% renewably sourced electrical tariffs with offpeak discount rates for overnight charging. We recommend Octopus Energy, however many suppliers now offer both 100% renewably sourced electricity as well as overnight discount tariffs if you own an EV, so it is worth shopping around at the time.

It is also worth considering utilising such overnight rates for ASHP and MVHR maintenance cycles and heating boosts to really optimise the comfort of your home and energy bills.

Hints and Tips relating to your Build Fabric

As a supremely well insulated, air-tight build backed by 10 Year BuildZone Warranties, all our New Builds achieve the highest ‘B’ or ‘A’ EPC ratings. This means our homes are eligible for the ever growing number of ‘Green Mortgages’ as lenders themselves start rewarding home buyers for purchasing low-energy homes.

Whilst we have done our best to provide the best build fabric for thermal efficiency and energy usage, you can maintain these high standards by ensuring all freestanding lighting you may have are fitted with low energy bulbs, and paying attention to EPC labels on media equipment and TVs when upgrading/replacing. Timers/Zigbee smart switches can be used to keep multiple media devices and computers turned off and not on standby.

Like all homes with interior partitions, care must be taken when hanging pictures and shelves to ensure a secure hold by affixing to joists. This is especially important with our highly insulated timber-frames to ensure the airtight foil membrane is not unnecessarily pierced. This membrane contributes to air-tightness that helps prevent draughts and thermal bridging.

Your 10 Year Warranty

All our new builds come with a 10 year warranty provided by BuildZone. We are required to comply with BuildZone’s code of conduct and compliance with regular inspections carried out on site throughout the build process to ensure quality control.

Please see the following BuildZone resources below:

Consumer Code (PDF copy available on webpage)

Warranty Coverage (PDF copy available on webpage)

If you require your certificate of insurance/full policy schedule or any further information that you may have trouble locating from your New Build Welcome Pack, please contact us at


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