Help Centre

Use the below resources to find answers to the most commonly asked questions, whether you’re a commercial tenant, residential tenant, leaseholder or homeowner.

New Build Warranty

Learn more about your new home’s 10 year warranty and other compliance information

Living with Heat Pumps & MVHR

Learn about maintenance and optimising usage of your heat pump and MVHR to provide a comfortable, low energy household.

Our Build Spec

Discover our low energy, thermally efficient builds with mechanical ventilation and heat recovery for superior living conditions.

Residential Tenant Help (AST)

Visit our dedicated TenantHome website for all help and resources for reporting maintenance issues and enquiries about your AST.

Commercial Tenant Help (FRI)

Visit TenantHome to submit support request tickets for commercial (retail/warehousing) queries relating to your FRI lease.

Residential Leaseholders (99+ years)

Visit TenantHome to submit support request tickets for queries relating to your 99+ year lease or insurance claims.

Residential and Commercial Knowledgebase

Find answers to commonly asked questions and submit tickets on our TenantHome’s knowledgebase.


We always welcome partnership proposals with businesses who share our values and passion to deliver increasingly sustainable homes


Visit our Corporate page to reach out to us if you if you have misplaced your Relationship Manager’s information or have any general queries.